Troubleshooting Dryer Problems

Troubleshooting dryer problems is something that most people have to do at some point in time because there are many things that can go wrong with dryers.

Opening Your Dryer for Repairs

Disconnect the power (or turn of the gas) first. Depending on what you are trying to do, you can open the front, top or back. Unscrew the screws and make sure you put the screws together in a safe place. Sometimes you will have to search for the screws, they may be found under the lint trap, for example.

You may need to push a stiff knife between the top and side, or release a locking clip. Wires may prevent you from removing the panel completely, so just rest it out of the way.

Dryer Takes too Long to Dry

This is often caused by the vent being blocked by lint. A vent that goes through the roof is more of a problem. It may be too long and drip water that can’t be carried away. If it is possible, try to have the vent moved closer to the dryer where it exits the wall.

Check the lint trap. Make sure the vent is not blocked by birds, plants or lint. You could try blowing out the vent with a leaf blower. If you can’t find a blockage, you may have a problem with heating element or thermostat. If it still won’t dry properly, check behind the filter for clogs with a flashlight.

Dryer Tumbles But Doesn’t Heat

If the dryer does not produce heat, but still turns around. there is a problem with the heat source. Make sure your dryer is not set on a non-heating setting. Test the circuit breaker or fuse, but be aware that some dryers have two fuses or breakers, one for the tumbler and one for the element. If you have a gas dryer, make sure the gas is turned on. If you think it is the ignition, call a qualified repair person.

Clothes get Burned or Torn in the Dryer

If you clothes is being burned or torn in the dryer, this will probably indicate worn out rollers causing the drum to drop. This will create a space behind the drum where the clothes will get lodged and pinched. Other problems could be damaged drum seals or glides.

Dryer is Noisy

Inspect the drum for loose objects that have fallen out of pockets, like screws, pebbles and zipper pulls. If there are no loose objects, the problem could be a worn drum belt, worn motor bearings or loose rollers. You should call a qualified repair person to replace these parts.

Dryer Won’t Start

Make sure your dryer is turned on if it is not starting. Also, check that a house fuse has not blown. Check the power cord for damage. Check the door closes properly and clicks shut. If you cannot find the problem, it could be a thermal fuse or electronic part that is broken or faulty. The thermal fuse will be found in the back cover panel. If you suspect an electrical malfunction, you should call an appliance service person.

If the dryer won’t tumble but does run, this could be something wrong with the motor, belt, or the door switch.