Troubleshooting Garment Steamer Problems

A garment steamer on a blue shirt.

To get the look and feel of clothes that have been dry cleaned, without having to pay a dry cleaner, you might want to have a garment steamer. This handy device allows you to quickly dry clean clothes without having to use an iron, and without damaging the garments. However, if you use a garment steamer regularly, you may need to know some basic troubleshooting to keep it in good working order.

No Steam or Intermittent Steam

This problem happens quite frequently with most types of garment steamer, and is caused by the insides of the steamer becoming clogged with mineral deposits. All water contains some minerals, particularly calcium, which over time develop as deposits upon the inner surface of the garment steamer. These deposits then inhibit the movement of the steam. To eliminate mineral build-up, you will need to decalcify the garment steamer.

You can find specially recommended products designed to remove calcium from the steamer, or you can make your own water and vinegar solution, which will also be able to remove the mineral deposits from the garment steamer.

No Steam or Loss of Steam

If you find that you have no steam at all being produced by your garment steamer, you should first check the water reservoir in the device. When the steamer runs out of water, you will find that no steam is produced. If you have been using the steamer, the flow of steam may decrease until there is none left. Refill the garment steamer with water.

Garment Steamer Does Not Turn On

You may also find that you have problems with the garment steamer when you attempt to turn it on. These problems can be caused by the fuse having blown in the power outlet, or the breaker having popped up. Check the breaker box to ensure that all the systems are working. You may also find that the plug of your device is not working properly. Check that it is pushed fully into the wall socket. You should examine the prongs on the plug to ensure that they are not corroded. Damage like this can mean that you have to replace the plug completely.

Droplets Form on the Steam Head

If the steamer is making a bubbling or gargling sound, and you find that there are droplets of water forming on your steam head, you need to examine the steam hose. The hose can sometimes become bent during use, and this inhibits the flow of steam through the pipe. Lift the hose up and out, and hold at its full length for a few seconds. This will clear any condensation from the hose, which can then be used again.

Don't let a malfunctioning steamer put a wrinkle in your plans. This troubleshooting guide will get it back in working order.