Troubleshooting Problems with Underwater Pool Lights

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If you have underwater pool lights, then you may have some problems getting them to work all of the time. If your pool lights are not working correctly, you can call in a specialist to see if they can find the solution to your problems. Or, you can try and fix it yourself after doing some basic troubleshooting.

Looking at the rest of the lights around your home, you should notice the immediate differences between the two. The underwater pool lights are designed to work underwater, which can cause lots of complications in the wiring. This should be the first place that you look for problems.

Testing An Underwater Pool Light

You can take the light out of the water in order to test it, but you will need to remember that a pool light can blow the bulb if you don't place it underwater when you turn it on. This is due to the fact that the lights are water-cooled, and they will overheat if they are not in water. Remove the screw which holds the light into the niche, and then remove the bulb before replacing. Turn the light on and off in a shallow bowl of water, and see if removing it from the pool has helped it in any way.

Removing Dirt and Debris

If the pool light is not affected by the change from the pool to the bowl of water, you should carefully examine all of the parts to check for signs of debris. There is a small number of water algae which builds up inside the light niche, and this can prevent the light from turning on and off, and can also cause the bulb to blow underwater. Remove any dirt and debris from the light, and clean it out thoroughly.

Check the Electrics

Just as with a regular light fixture, when it stops working you need to check out the circuit so start with the circuit breaker. If this has popped out, then try pressing it back down, then check the lights. You may find that one of the bulbs has burst, and triggered the circuit breaker. You should also check that there is no water in the light, as this can cause the breaker to fail and then it will not reset. You should pull out the light and check it thoroughly.

You can also replace the bulbs in order to check whether this is the problem. It is not a good idea to try this bulb in your pool, so consider that you may have to light it in a bowl of water, and then put it in the pool once you know that it is working. Take your light into the pool, and screw into place carefully.