Troubleshooting Problems with Your Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Just like any mechanical device, there will be times that you will encounter problems with your wet-dry vacuum. When you do, do not panic. For all you know, some object may just be stuck inside or certain parts were not connected; and you had already junked it thinking that it had already gone broken. Before doing such hasty actions, it is best that one diagnose and troubleshoot the wet-dry vacuum to find out its true state.

Checking the Wet-Dry Vacuum

The most important thing to do when your vacuum cleaner is showing signs of problems is to check the bag or the cylinder. It is recommended that one empty the container first before it is even full. Doing so can help the machine function more efficiently. When your machine does not get strained with its work, it is more likely to last longer. After emptying the container, check if your vacuum is able to pick and suck in dirt better than it did.

A Problematic Hose

There are times that your vacuum will fail to suck in dirt, even if your motor is running fine and your bag is empty. The problem may lie perhaps on the hose itself, as something may be blocking the opening. Turn off the vacuum cleaner and remove the hose. Check if something is blocking the hose by using a stick or a broom handle, then pushing it through the hose. If your hose is clear from blockage, it should be able to pick up dirt easily. If your wet-dry vacuum uses a brush, turn the machine upside down and take off hairs and other materials that are sticking to the brush.

Broken Belts

Another problem that you may encounter with your wet-dry vacuum is a broken belt. It should not be a problem for long because replacing them with a new one is easy. Just unscrew the cover plate behind your vacuum’s brush and see if the belt is still in perfect condition. If it seems to be showing signs of wear and tear or it has become loose, take off the old belt and replace it with a new one. Just place one end into the drive shaft and the other on the brush’s grooves. Place back the brush and turn it a few times to check if the belt was properly installed.

The Wet-Dry Vacuum Does Not Turn On

When it comes to electrical problems, you will surely need a manual for this one. Replace any worn wires with a new one, but make sure that the correct wires are connected to their proper terminals. This will be where the manual will play its role. If you are not sure with what you are doing, hire an experienced person instead or else you may do more damage to your vacuum cleaner instead of getting it back into its perfect condition.

If none of these things works, it may be time to replace your wet-dry vacuum with a new one.