Troubleshooting Solar Path Lights that Aren't Working

The use of solar path lights is gaining in popularity these days. Aside from the fact that it will really help homeowners to reduce on energy cost, most of the available designs are ready to use and are often handy. To make the most out of your lights, select the perfect spot where most sunlight can be collected such that solar cell batteries will be fully charged.

Most designs also come with a light sensor which triggers the turning on of the lamp when dusk hits and turns it off when it is already dawn. Users will never have to worry about the amount of light that is produced by solar path lights since the light emitting diodes that come with most designs enable a unit to create more than a sufficient amount of light. But like any other equipment, solar light path users may also experience trouble at some times of use. Here are some tips on how to troubleshoot solar path lights that are not working:

Check The Positioning Of The Solar Panels

Since solar path lights are powered by stored solar energy, it is important to check on where the solar panels are positioned. If the area where they are stationed is not directed to where most sunlight is found then they should be repositioned in the spot where most sunlight can be collected. If the former spot is really the perfect spot for collecting most sunlight that hits the area, then you have to check on possible obstructions. Branches or wires may intercept the light from reaching the solar panels and consequently affect the amount of solar energy that can be collected.

Make Sure That Solar Panels Are Clean

Aside from positioning the solar panels in the spot where most sunlight can be collected, the efficiency of the solar panels in terms of collection should also be checked. Several factors influence this, including age and longevity of the solar panels as well as the whether the solar panels are clean or not. Dirt of any form, including dust and accumulated particulates, amassing on the surface of the solar panels will interfere with the amount of solar energy that can be collected. Thus the dirtier the solar panels, the less likely they will collect solar energy. It is then important to clean the solar panels as often as possible.

Check The Batteries Of Your Solar Path Lights

Aside from solar panels, solar path lights come with batteries. Most are often rechargeable but may only be expected to work at their best until two years and subsequently declines after. This is often manifested by significantly reduced lighting time. If this is already observed then perhaps you have to replace your batteries. You can also determine if there is a need to really change your battery by checking on the time you started using the unit. The longer the time you have been using the solar light path, the more likely you will need to replace the batteries of each light.