Troubleshooting Squeaking Rear Brakes

The rear brakes on any vehicle are likely to become squeaky over time for several different reasons. Squeaking rear brakes could indicate a problem that could become dangerous if not addressed. Here are some symptoms and clues that you can look for to help you determine exactly what the problem may be. The main types of squeaking brake symptoms are squeaking while driving or squeaking while braking.

Squeaking While Braking

If your rear brakes squeak while in use, this could be an indicator that your brakes pad are beginning to get worn down. This is a common problem with all brake pads after awhile. The sooner that you replace them, the better. If you wear clear through the pads to the brake itself, you will have a more expensive repair.

Squeaking While Driving

Brakes that squeak while you are driving is indicative of a completely different problem. Most often the cause of this is brake dust. Brake dust will get in between the caliper piston and the actual brake pad. This will cause vibrations which will turn into squeaking when the car is in motion. When you use the brakes the piston presses against the brake pad, stopping the vibration and the squeak. There are several ways to fix this problem.

Solutions to Squeaking While Driving

If you have an older car that was not equipped with anti squeal pads, install them now. They are available at your local auto parts store. Brake pad grease can also help. The brake pad grease when applied behind the brake pad will cease any vibration that may occur. This product is available at any auto parts store. Bearing grease will also work.

If you have tried these other methods and your brakes are still squeaking, you may want to try adhesive. Apply the adhesive the same as you would the grease. The difference is it will secure the caliper piston and the pad so that all of the vibrating will stop. Another issue to keep in mind is the brake pads themselves. Some brake pads have a tendency to produce more dust than others. You may need to simply change out the brake pads for a different type to help fix this problem.