Troubleshooting Toe Kick Heater Problems

Toe Kick heaters are compact, simple machines which makes troubleshooting your Toe Kick heater a rewarding and cost effective process. Many common issues have simple solutions, but as always, proceed cautiously with any electronic device.

My heater won't turn on.

First, check the fuse or power box to make sure it is receiving power. Check your owners manual to see if your heater is equipped with a manual reset switch which can require resetting. If the unit is receiving power, turn up the thermostat to a higher setting. Remove all obstructions which could be limiting airflow such as furniture, plants, curtains, and towel racks. Make sure the heater has been properly cleaned and is not clogged with dust or debris. Check the owner's manual to see if the model of your heater is approved for the area it is installed. Some heaters have limitations such as water (near a dishwasher or too close to a sink) or too close to carpeting, which can cause damage to the system.

My heater won't stop running.

The temperature around the heater might be different than the temperature within the room causing the thermostat to stay on. If the problem persists even when the thermostat is turned down, the thermostat might need to be replaced or the heater is experiencing low wattage.

My heater seems too noisy.

If your heater is not securely mounted it will make far more noise. Make sure the screws on the top, bottom, and grill are securely fastened. The bottom of the heater can also be supported using adhesive foam in order to minimize rattling. Another option is to check that the voltage the heater is receiving is the correct voltage for the heating unit.

Heater turns on, then it stops.

The heater will turn off if the room has reached the set point on the thermostat. Turn up the set point on the thermostat to see if the heater will continue. The internal workings of the heater might also be reaching extreme temperatures causing it to stop. Check to make sure there are no obstructions and clean of dust. The voltage might be wired incorrectly or the supply wires might not be adequate.

Should the Heater glow?

No. The airflow might be blocked so make sure the heater is clean and there are no obstruction within the grill. The heater could be wired to the wrong voltage or the element might need to be replaced.

My heater is so hot it trips the limit switch.

Make sure the airflow of your heater is not blocked. Clean the heater and grill of all dust and debris which might also be causing overheating. If the problem persists the heater might be wired to the wrong voltage causing it to reach extremely high temperatures. Check the voltage and supply wires to assure the correct voltage is being reached.

The fan motor is running too slowly.

If the voltage doesn't match the heater supply rating the fan will run irregularly. Make sure the voltage both within the supply wires and that of the heater are accurate.