Troubleshooting Torque Converter Lockup

Torque converter lockup can have a major impact on how your engine performs. The torque converter is a part of the transmission, and you will notice that the engine will hesitate and be underpowered when it is locked up. There can be many different causes for certain engine problems. However, if you believe that the torque converter is locked up, here are some troubleshooting tips to make sure.

Revving when Idling

One of the prominent symptoms of a problem with torque converter lockup, is that the engine will rev up and down while it is idling. This may result in a stall, but mostly will cause the vehicle to lurch forward when not in park.

Engaging in Gears Randomly

Another symptom of torque converter lockup is that the transmission will shift into gears at random. Also, it will not allow the overdrive gear to engage immediately upon demand. Your car will act like it is bogging down, until the torque converter engages the overdrive.

Keeping Clutch Disengaged

You will notice that as you try to slow down, the transmission does not go into a lower gear. This will then result in not being able to accelerate when the gas is pressed. Most of the time, this is noticeable when you come to a stop sign or stop light, and need to pull out into traffic.