Troubleshooting Your Bluetooth Car Speaker

A Bluetooth car speaker will allow you to do many things completely hands free. You can make and take calls at the push of a button. If your Bluetooth enabled device is equipped with the correct technology, you can listen to stereo audio from your Bluetooth equipped device. There are a number of manufacturers that are beginning to even produce Bluetooth enabled media players which can be played through a properly enabled set of car speakers. Troubleshooting problems with these devices is actually quite straightforward.

Devices Not Connecting to Each Other

There are a number of reasons that your Bluetooth enabled device is unable to connect to your Bluetooth car speaker system. These reasons and their fixes are listed below:

Password error—This is usually caused by an incorrect password being entered on your Bluetooth enabled device when attempting to connect. The default password for most devices is 0000 (four zeros). If the connection is still unable to made after entering this password, read the manual that came with your device to find the correct password and enter it.

Under strength batteries—If this still doesn’t correct your problem, the batteries in either your device or your Bluetooth car speaker system may be to low to sustain operation. Change the batteries.

Incorrect configuration—Another possible reason that your devices aren’t able to connect to each other is that the Bluetooth transceiver isn’t properly configured or powered on. Turn the power on and verify that you have the correct configuration settings configured.

Placement—Bluetooth devices are only able to work over a short distance. Reposition either the Bluetooth car speaker system or your Bluetooth enabled device closer to each other.

Unacceptable Sound Quality

Unacceptable sound quality means that either the sound isn’t as good as it should be, there is static, or the sound breaks up often. There are 3 possible causes of this problem. These possible causes are listed below:

Batteries—Batteries that are strong enough to enable a connection between your Bluetooth enabled device and car speaker system may not have enough power to maintain a proper connection. Change the batteries in either your Bluetooth enabled device or the Bluetooth car speaker system.

Weak connection—A weak connection can cause static filled sound. Reposition either the Bluetooth enabled device or the Bluetooth car speaker system to enable a strong signal capable of delivering acceptable sound quality.

Interference from other devices—If you’re using Bluetooth enabled media player or similar device, make sure your cell phone’s Bluetooth system is powered off. Interference between the 2 devices can be causing the terrible sound quality.

Many states are beginning to mandate hands free operation of your cell phone. For many this means using a Bluetooth car speaker system to make and take phone calls with their cell phone. Bluetooth also allows listening to media players in stereo. Problems with the connection or sound quality can be annoying and dangerous.