Troubleshooting Your Go Kart Engine: Idling Problems

Go kart engines can be 2 or 4 stroke engines or even electric motors. The most common go kart engines are 4 stroke engines. These hardy workhorses can give you years of go karting fun with a minimum of maintenance. However, sometimes you need to go beyond the scope of preventive maintenance and deal with minor problems such as engine idling problems. Here are some ways to troubleshooting your go kart engine idling problems.

The Engine Starts and Stops

If you can start your go kart engine, but it doesn’t idle for long before stopping, here are a couple of things that might be causing the problem:

Water in the Gasoline

    If you are having no trouble starting your go kart engine, but the engine does not idle but stops, there is a possibility that water may have entered your fuel tank. Water mixed with gasoline will cause a go kart engine to start and then stop. If there are any signs of water beading around the bottom of your gas tank, you will have to drain all the gasoline from your tank and carburetor and re-fill it with pure gasoline. Also check your fuel cap or tank for leaks to ensure that this does not happen again.

    Dirty Air Filter

      If the air filter has become clogged with dirt, your engine will not be able to draw sufficient air and will stop. Clean your air filter regularly as per the maintenance schedule given in the manual. If the air filter is wet, it may result in a similar problem.

      Loose Spark Plug

        If the spark plug is loose or the wire that connects the spark plug is loose, you may face similar problems. This may also occur if the spark plug has gone bad. Replace the spark plug and check that if it sits properly. Also tighten all wires that connect the spark plug.

        Fault in the Stop Switch

          A fault in the stop switch can also cause the engine to stop once it is put on idle. Replace the stop switch and see if the problem is resolved.

          The Engine Does Not Idle Until it is Warm

          If the go kart engine will only idle after it has warmed up, the throttle shaft might be worn out. Check the shaft for play, and if it is excessive, you may have to replace the throttle shaft.

          Idling Too Quickly or Slowly

          If the go kart engine is idling too quickly or too slowly, you may be able to adjust the idling speed. This should be done with the engine idling in neutral by using the adjustment screw. If you’re not sure of the correct RPM at which your go kart engine should idle, get a mechanic to help you out. Setting the idling speed wrongly can affect the life of your go kart engine.

          The Go Kart Moves While Idling

          If the go kart starts moving while the engine is idling, it is a sign that the clutch is worn out. It may also be an indication of lack of lubrication in the clutch system. Sometimes, this problem also occurs when the engine idle speed is set too high or when the drive chain is too tight.