Troubleshooting Your Whole House Humidifier

Like the name suggests, the purpose of the whole house humidifier is to raise the humidity in the house. There are many different styles of humidifiers. Drum style and disc wheel style are common examples. If the humidifier is starting to spoil, mold can grow on it and the house’s air quality and cleanliness will plummet. Dust mites will return and the health of the occupants will be affected. Before attempting to troubleshoot a humidifier, take note that it may violate the terms of warranty. Here are common problems that are associated with humidifiers and how to troubleshoot them.

Humidifier Making Noise

If the humidifier is making buzzing noises, then the main problem may be the drive mechanism that is clogged with debris or the fan motor is not lubricated enough. Regular cleaning and maintenance should reduce the frequency of this problem from happening. Clean the fan, nozzle, and the water reservoir regularly. To lubricate the fan motor, apply the motor bearing with oil.  

Another noise may be a vibration. To solve this problem, take out the cover and inspect for any vibrating parts. If any loose screws are noticed, tighten them. Check the fan for a loose connection to the shaft.

Humidifier Begins to Leaks

If the humidifier starts to leak water, inspect the humidifier for where the leakage is coming from. The first thing to do is to remove the power source and check the water reservoir for any signs of leakage. Empty the reservoir if it is required. Check the water delivery system. Check for sign of damages in the wick or the hose.

Humidifier Gives off Strange Smell

If your nose is beginning to pick up a strange smell from the humidifier, it may be due to the water tank in the humidifier. Remove the cover and clean up any damp areas. Wash the tank thoroughly and apply a cleansing solution of 2 teaspoons of chlorine beach and 1 gallon of water.

Humidifier does not Start

If the humidifier does not start for some reason, then the problem may lie with the power source or the controls.

Inspect the power source and check with other electrical appliances to see if the power source is working. A voltage tester may also be used. Next, check the humidifier’ fuse or circuit breaker to see if it has been short circuited.

Sometimes the problem may lie with the room’s humility itself. Use a humidistat to check if the humidifier is higher than the room’s humility. In this case, wait a few hours and check if the humidifier has adjusted to the room’s humility.

Check the power cord for any signs of damage and replace it if any are found.

Humidifier not Effective Enough

If the humidifier is not working the way it should be, the humidifier may not be suitable for the room or the air is escaping from the room. These are some actions that you can take.

Make sure all the doors and windows are closed as they should be. Make sure nothing is blocking the humidifier. Check the manual to see if the humidifier’s specification is suited for the room.