Tubular Skylight by ODL

ODL tubular skylights bring soft, natural daylight into any room in your home, even in small spaces where larger skylights won't fit. Ninety-nine percent of UV rays are absorbed to protect rugs, furniture, and clothes from fading.

Solar Lens® Dome Patented reflex optic technology gathers sunlight even during low-light hours in the morning, late afternoon, or during the winter. Light reflects through the shaft and is spread throughout interior spaces. Reflective Light Tube Optimizes light reflected through shaft to control solar heat gain. UV stabilized finish will not yellow, fade, or delaminate.

Dual Lens Glass Diffuser Spreads soft, natural light throughout interior spaces. Reduces solar heat gain and eliminates condensation in colder climates.

Saves Energy: ODL tubular skylights meet Energy Star criteria throughout the United States.

U-Factor: 0.43
SHGC: 0.24

U-Factor: The lower the value the lower the rate of heat flow. Less heat flows so heating and cooling bills are reduced.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): Measures ability to block heat caused by sunlight. The lower the SHGC the more it reduces air conditioning costs. All thermal performance values are NFRC Certified and are listed in the NFRC Product Directory.

Leak-proof Flashing: Durable, one-piece seamless roof flashing eliminates leaks. Skylight meets ASTM E331 Water Penetration Resistance Standard.

Easy Installation: Pre-applied seals. No screws thru the ceiling. No framing, drywalling, or painting.

Easy Alignment: Two jointed tubes let you work around obstacles. Tubes adjust up to 45° angle.

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Basic Installation of Tubular Skylightss