Turn An Old Sheet Into A Modern Room Divider

What You'll Need
Flat King Size Sheet
PVC Pipe
Plastic Paint
Sewing Machine
PVC Pipe Connectors

If you've been looking for room dividers, then you probably know there is no shortage from which to choose. If however you are do-it-yourself type of person, there are many options you to make your very own unique and beautiful room divider.

Step 1 - PVC Pipe Frame

Cut your PVC pipe to the size frame you want. Lay four pieces together in a square or rectangle. Connect all pieces, on the top use the curved elbow connectors, and on the sides and bottom of the frame use a four or 5 way connector depending on what size frame you are making.

Step 2 – Pinning and Sewing the Sheet Fabric

If you are going to make a larger screen you will need more than one sheet to get the job done. This is fine as it gives you more color choices. Pull your sheet up over the edges of your PVC framework. Starting with the top stretch and pin the sheet around the PVC pipe. Next pin the sides around the frame. Make sure your sheet is nice and tight when you are finished pinning it.

Next remove the PVC pipe from the sheet, do not remove the pins. Take the sheet over to your machine and sew along where you have pinned the sheet. You should only be sewing the top and sides, not the bottom.

Step 3 - Paint Your PVC Pipe

Pick a paint that will set off your sheet or one that will simply match your sheet. You are going to want to paint any part of the PVC pipe that is going to be exposed once your sheet has been put on. This will look much better then plain PVC pipe showing through. Let this dry before you attach your room divider together.

Step 4 - Assemble Your Room Divider

Slide your PVC pipe back into the now sewn sections on your sheet. Start with the top and work your way down, adding the elbow and three way connectors as you go.

Do not feel that you need to limit yourself to using a sheet. This PVC pipe design room divider can work with any fabric you may want to use. To make your fabric room divider choose from any one of the wide assortment of fabrics at your local fabric store. You could add embroidery or something simple like different types of stitching. You could also use bamboo runners to make a very simple room divider along with a similar type of frame work.