Turn Your Ginseng Root Into Tea

Studies suggest that ginseng not only helps with fatigue and other ailments, but also with mental stimulation and memory loss. The root of the plant is most commonly used in cooking like in soups, but there are other medicinal ways to use it. Brew ginseng root into a delicious and healthy tea in just a few steps.

Ginseng Tea

For healthy tea with the most potent effects, purchase fresh ginseng from a local market. Cut the fresh root into small slices or chunks and place in a bowl of cold water. This will activate the nutrients before you make your tea. 

It is best to use a saucepan rather than a traditional teapot to boil your water. Bring the water to a boil before putting in the slices of fresh ginseng. Then immediately turn the water down to a simmer.

Let the ginseng steep for at least 6 minutes, or longer if you want stronger tea. Once it is ready, pour through a strainer. Set the pieces of root aside rather than throwing them away, and enjoy your tea.

If it is too bitter for your palate, use sugar or honey to sweeten it up. Save the leftover ginseng for later use in a stir-fry or soup. It will still have plenty of flavor and will not go to waste.  

Ginseng Powder

For a simpler way to make ginseng tea, you can use powder. Boil your tea water just as you normally would, and put a teaspoon of ginseng powder into a cup. Once the water has come to a boil, pour, mix and serve. Again, add sweetener if the taste is too bitter.  

You can also find prepared ginseng tea bags at any supermarket. Simply boil your tea water as normal and let brew for the time indicated on the package. For variety, choose flavor options like vanilla, berry or citrus fruits like orange or lemon.

Your Health

While fresh is best, any of these options are a healthier alternative to that morning latte. Ginseng has energizing qualities that are much safer and less addictive than the caffeine found in coffee and other teas. Rejuvenate your mind with natural ginseng tea next time you need a boost.