Turn Your Kitchen Into a Smart Kitchen

a woman cuts fruit in a kitchen with a smart home hub

From cooking meals, to homework, to feeding pets, the kitchen is the ultimate family gathering spot. And because it’s so well used, it makes a natural hub for your developing smart home.

Smart Appliances

Smart Refrigerators - Gone are the days when refrigerators just kept things cold and made ice. Today, fridges can do much more, from keeping food fresh longer, to creating automatic shopping lists, to helping you leave digital notes for other family members.

Several fridges are now equipped with Amazon's Alexa. You can tell those models to turn on the ice maker, make sure the doors are shut, change temperatures, and heat water, among other commands.

Some newer models can even read recipes aloud while you prep dinner, let you know when food is about to expire, and see inside with cameras to check if you’re low on milk. Many new smart refrigerators sport fancy touchscreen control panels, which function as bonus kitchen computers.

a woman uses a tablet in a clean, white kitchen

Smart Ovens - Known to produce great cupcakes and homemade pizzas, these miracle machines can also broil, sear, or air-fry dishes to perfection. Intelligent settings can take out the guesswork while cooking, and some include built in recipes and the ability to check up on cooking progress remotely.

Even microwaves are getting more futuristic. Some have barcode readers that can scan packaging for the perfect settings. Others can connect to apps that let you enter cooking commands remotely.

Smart Dishwashers - Set them on a schedule, or turn them on or off remotely through an app.

Smart Gadgets and Gizmos

Smart Crock-Pots - Adjust cooking settings from wherever you might be. Some come with Apps so you can check temps, cook-time, change settings to warm, or simply turn off the pot from your phone while on the road.

Smart Scales - Pick up the ingredient measurement pace while assembling a recipe. Smart scales can also give alternatives if you run out of an ingredient, and some models will even pull together a shopping list if you're missing any ingredients.

Smart Blenders - Whip up your smoothies, sauces, and dressings in a breeze. With their smart settings and often pre-loaded recipes, smart blenders are easy to use, and many models come with apps that count carbs, calories, and more.

a blender with pineapple chunks inside

Smart TVs and Computers

Home offices aren’t the only rooms where homeowners have TVs and computers. The kitchen is where many a TV show is watched over breakfast, lunch or dinner. Most major electronic brands offer smart TVs and laptops in all shapes and sizes. If you have a workspace in your kitchen with a TV, laptop, desktop or monitor, there are several smart options to check out. Make sure your kitchen is wired for cable and internet or at least has WiFi accessibility.

Smart Lighting

Of course, turning your kitchen into a smart kitchen is a lot more than simply adding appliances and gizmos. The room itself needs to work in sync with all the tech.

With smart lighting, you can turn on a light switch when your hands are full by talking to your smart assistant. And most let you set a timer, either to remind you to do something, or to automatically turn off the power at the end of the night.