Gift From Nature: Turn a Log Into a Candle Holder

A log transformed into a holiday candle holder.
What You'll Need
Logs of desired height and width
Pry bar
Measuring tape
Hand saw
1 1/2-inch spade bit
Tealight candles

Are you in search of that perfect gift for the nature lover in your life? If so, why not make a fun and very unique gifts using a log? Create a candle holder. On a coffee table, a mantel or a window sill, this candelabra will enhance any room. It goes great with a cabin or lodge style home, or adds a rustic touch to modern decor. You don't have to be a master carpenter to craft these creative projects. Friends and family members will admire your handiwork, and you may even surprise yourself with your finished product.

You can make all the necessary cuts with a chainsaw, or if you don't have that a reciprocating saw, a table saw or a chop saw will work. Of course, you can go old school and use a hand saw.

Note: As always, use caution when operating power tools.

Step 1 - Select and Cut Your Log

Select a dry log that is as straight as possible to use for this project. Take any stubs of branches into account. They can either enhance the look or get in your way, so choose the most picturesque length you can and cut the log to about 12-inches long.

Step 2 - Shave One Side

Turn a log into a candle holder

Cut a little off of one edge of the log so it can lay flat on a level surface without rolling.

Step 4 - Remove the Bark

Turn a log into a candle holder

This is optional, but depending on the type of wood or the health of the bark, it may peel off anyway, and you don't want your gift falling apart. You can use a pry bar or a hammer and chisel.

Step 3 - Drill Holes for Candles

On the opposite side of the logue, drill a 1/2-inch deep 1 1/2-inch diameter hole every 3 inches along the log. Place a tealight candle in each hole. Your candle holder is now ready to be gifted.

Turn a log into a candle holder