Turning a Shed into a Kennel

What You'll Need
Chain link fence supplies
Edging Materials
Rubber Flooring
Pet Accessories

Turning a shed into a kennel can be a fairly easy task, but may take some time depending on the kennel you have in mind. If it is for 1 or 2 dogs, the transition will be simple. If you are planning to use it to house multiple animals, the work will take a bit longer and cost more. Follow these steps to convert a shed into a kennel that will accommodate 1 or 2 dogs.

Step 1 : Clean and Position

Clear our the whole shed, including objects and shelving. If it is already where you want it, skip to the next step. If you need to move the shed to a different spot, make sure it can be removed from the current location. Unscrew any bolts and move it to a new slab or a prepared area that is flat and level.

Step 2: The Doors

Decide whether you will keep the door open for the dogs or cut a smaller opening for further protection. For best results, preserve the integrity of the door by installing a doggy- sized door. This will allow both you and the dog to enter the space without trouble. Mark the area that you will be cutting out and remove the wood with a saw. Use edging materials to create a smooth surface that won't harm your pet.

Step 3: Install Fencing Materials

In addition to the warmth and protection of the kennel, give the dogs a small yard in which to run and play. Align tall fencing with the edges of the shed and extend it out as far as you choose. Chain link material is quick and easy to install, but you can opt for a custom-sized fence for a more professional look.

Step 4: Install Drain

Install a drain to draw any liquid out and away from the kennel. You can put one in the shed and one in the yard area to make sure that the water has a place to go after a spill or rain storm.

Step 5: Apply Dog Flooring

Use flooring that is durable and compatible with your base floor. Most will install over concrete, wood or dirt without any issues.

Add comfort materials, like blankets or dog beds as well as toys. If you are away often, or if the dogs will spend a great deal of time in the kennel, consider investing in an automatic feeder and automatic water dispenser. Make the space inviting, cozy and comfortable so the dog feels at home in his converted kennel.