Turning Your Guest Room Into A Tuscan Retreat

The Tuscan style of decorating creates a warm, inviting atmosphere that can be both welcoming and stylish for your guest room. By choosing this style for your guest room, you will be creating a unique look that will catch the attention of your guests with its focus on nature. Keep reading for some basic tips on how to decorate your guest room with a Tuscan style.

Color Scheme

They key to the color scheme of Tuscan décor is nature. The style is inspired by the landscapes and neighborhood homes of Tuscany and their warm, natural colors. First of all, the most important color in Tuscan décor is white. That is the base color where you should begin your design. You should also start with other neutrals like natural reds, browns, and very light, faded yellows. These will give you are good base color scheme for your room. Next, you should try to include warm or “hot” accent colors such as dark red, pink, and purple. Finally, in order to smooth over the differing colors, include some shades of green. This will bring all the colors together and give it the fully natural feel you are going for.


The bed in a Tuscan decorating style will most appropriately have a black, thick metal frame with elegant accents and design. Thick, black wrought-iron bed frames will offer a rugged look but also provide a sturdy structure. You can also utilize a nice wooden frame in a light or dark brown color. A white blanket will work best for Tuscan decorating, accenting the white walls, no matter what kind of frame you choose. Bedside tables should also feature wrought-iron frames or wooden structural elements, but their main feature is their height. Tuscan bedside tables tend to rise higher than the top of the mattress, so take a look at some pictures and decide what height looks best to you. Dressers should follow the same patterns as far as color and materials.


The walls in Tuscan decorating are often pretty bare with the exception of some prints, personal framed photographs, or unique mirrors. Just hanging a few framed photos adds a personal touch to the room while also maintaining the Tuscan décor. Frames with light or dark brown wood, dark metals, or even patterned fabric will work great. If you are going to add a mirror to your Tuscan guest room, make sure it utilizes the right materials and colors. A wooden or metal frame will look great against the whitewashed walls and natural colors. Be sure to try and choose photos and prints that will go well with the Tuscan color scheme and match with the frames you have chosen


Although it isn’t necessary to transform the way your guest room is built to create a Tuscan style, there are certain elements of architecture that will add even more Tuscan feel to your room. The rugged, natural look of stone walls, arched doorways, and exposed structural beams will offer a serious architectural style of Tuscany.