TV Repair Tips

Every do-it-yourselfer needs a few TV repair tips. There are a number of TV repairs that can be done quickly and easily without calling a technician. Follow the tips below and you could actually avoid calling a technician at all.

Check the Basics First

Before you get involved in an unnecessary TV repair, make sure that you check that the TV is plugged in. Make sure that the remote has new and working batteries in it. Check to make sure that the TV is not muted. You should also check the various functions and input options on the TV to make sure that they are properly selected. You don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on something that could have been fixed with the push of a button.

Test the Coaxial Cable

The coaxial cable is the cord that connects the cable service to the television. A faulty coaxial cable can cause all sorts of problems such as poor sound and poor pictures. If you wiggle the cable in the back of the television and there is a change in the picture or sound, you’ll know that it is the cable causing the problems. You can also check the cable by attaching it to another TV. If you experience the same problems on the other TV, you know the cable is the problem.

Remove Items from the Top of the TV

If you have electronics sitting on top of the TV you may be causing it to overheat. The TV will probably start cutting off unexpectedly. This is a safety mechanism so that the whole thing doesn’t catch on fire. You should remove all of the items from the top of the TV, remove items that are placed close to the ventilation stacks, and clean the ventilation stacks with a small vacuum cleaner attachment. Once the stacks are clean, the TV should start working properly again.

Remove the Back of the TV with Caution

If you are going to remove the back of the TV, you should proceed with extreme caution. Though it is easy to remove the back of the television, it can also be very dangerous. There are many areas in the inside of the TV that can shock you and cause severe injury. If you have to take the cover off of the back of the television you should be careful not to touch anything unnecessarily.

Check the TV without the Cable Service Connected

If you are having problems with your picture, you may want to see how the television works when it is not connected to the cable service. If the television is working fine when it is not connected to the cable service, the issue may be with the cable box or modem. You can simply disconnect all of the wires from the TV to the cable box or modem. View the picture and check the sound. If everything is in working order, you may need a new cable box or modem delivered to your home.

Use these tips when making your next TV repair and it should be quick and easy.