Two Simple Macrame Crafts for Beginners

macrame string and other supplies for string art
  • 2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20
What You'll Need
Macrame rope
Wooden dowels
Wood beads
Metal and wood rings
What You'll Need
Macrame rope
Wooden dowels
Wood beads
Metal and wood rings

Need a quick craft that's perfect for both adults and kids? Give macrame a try. Originally popular in the seventies, macrame has made a comeback in a big way. To create a simple macrame project, you just need rope, a few beads, and a little bit of knot knowledge.

Knowing your Knots

Before you dive in and start tying up a storm, you need to know basic macrame knots. Head to Youtube and watch a few tutorials on how to tie knots like the square knot, the clove hitch, the spiral knot, the double half hitch, and the cow hitch.

Knot tying can be tricky, so give yourself lots of time and a little extra rope to practice. If you're new to macrame, tie knots every day for a week or so to commit the new knowledge to memory. The better you know the knots, the better your macrame projects will turn out—and the faster.

Use natural cotton rope for your practice (and your projects). This type of rope is the most common type used in macrame projects and can be found at any craft store. As you begin to be a more advanced macrame master, you can use materials like raffia, jute, or single strand string—but for now, stick with the basics.


macrame rings in a basket

Along with your natural cotton rope for macrame, you'll need a few other basics. For many macrame projects, you'll need rings, either wood or metal. These rings are used to help create shapes and for decorative purposes. You will also likely need a dowel or two at some point in your macrame projects, and a brush for the rope fringe. Though there are several other add-ons you will eventually want to add to your macrame making collection, stick with patterns that just involve these basics to start.

Macrame Key Chain

For a macrame key chain, you will need a metal ring, like a key ring, some thin natural cotton rope, and some wood beads (if you're feeling fancy).

Start by taking sixteen inches of your string or rope and tying it around your keyring using a larkspur knot. From here, you can get experimental with knots to design a unique keychain, but if you want to keep it simple, here's how.

keychains made from woven macrame string

After you tie your larkspur knot, add a few beads. Paint the beads up and give them a totally personal look. After you add your last bead, secure them in place with a double half hitch knot. Once the beads feel secure, use your brush to fray your fringe.

If you want to go more advanced, start with the larkspur knot and tie some of your favorite knots down the length of the keychain. Finish it off with a bead or with some contrasting thread.

Macrame Wall Art

Macrame wall art is a great way to create custom home decor that fits your budget and style. To start your wallhanging, you'll need macrame rope and a dowel. Measure several sections of rope or string out, and make sure that you make the length at least double what you want it to be at the end.

Then fold each rope over the dowel and secure it using a larkspur or square knot. Then slide all of the rope sections next to each other and begin tying them together. Use the different knots you have learned to create a pattern. Repetition and pattern are important elements of macrame, so what you do to one section, make sure to repeat in the other sections.

knitted macrame string wall art made of white yarn

If you reach a point where you want to add a little something extra to your wall hanging, try working in some beads or other small trinkets by weaving them into your pattern. Once you've created something that you are absolutely thrilled with, finish the pattern off by using a wire brush to fray the ends of your rope, giving it the ultimate boho texture and look.

Macrame crafts are great because they are so personalizable. If macrame isn't your thing though, give this simply yarn DIY a try!