Two Wire Fence Options

If you need wire fence for your lawn or garden, there are two options for the application you are attempting to meet. There are two basic types of ornamental wire fences, decorative and functional.

1. Decorative Wire Fences

Decorative wire fences are most often used to define the border of a garden or landscape feature in your yard. When selecting the wire fence panels that suit your style, it is best to choose a durable wire with a plastic coating. The coating on wire fence panels will protect the wire against corrosion and accidental damage. These wire fences are usually free standing and are pushed directly into the ground.

2. Functional Wire Fences

Functional wire fences are most often used to protect landscape and gardens from animals. The wire fence panels on these fences are typically much taller than on a decorative wire fence. These fences can be attractive as well as functional and may come in a variety of finishes. The most common type of this fence either a bare wire or green plastic coated wire square grid fence. The wire fence panels on these fences are found in roll form and are strung along metal poles that are driven into the ground.