Types of Home Heating Radiators

There are a total of six different types of home heating radiators. The six types are: steam, cast iron, hot water, heat convectors, electric convectors, and baseboard heaters.

Baseboard Heater

A baseboard heater is an excellent method of supplementing another heating system. These heaters take up very little space. They are energy efficient and work by warming the air closest to the floor; as the warm air rises, the whole room is heated.

Steam Radiator

The way a steam radiator works is by using hot water from the hot water heater or boiler to warm the room. While these heaters are very efficient and cost effective, there is a slight chance of being burned if you touch one that is on.

Cast Iron

Although cast iron steam radiators may be the oldest, they are also one of the best for heating. The cast iron holds heat the best of all the different heaters. These are the biggest and bulkiest in the family of heaters as well and take longer to heat up.

Ceramic Convection

The ceramic convection radiator also uses steam to heat. This is the new system on the block. The biggest advantage is that it is always cool to touch.