Types of Interior Paneling for Bathrooms

Modern bathroom with dark vanity, brass features and vessel sink
  • 2-20 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-3,000

There are many types of interior paneling suitable for bathrooms. When choosing one for your home, try to select one that is going to compliment your home's architecture and fittings and, if you can, picture what the paneling will look like before you install it. This way, you will know if the paneling is suitable for the room.

Paneling comes in a range of textures to add to the illusion that a different material has been used. Bathroom paneling is waterproof and easy to install and can have the appearance of many sought after materials.


PVC is lightweight and snaps together, a little like a puzzle. The pieces can cover the entire wall or a part of it in one-third or one-half lengths. It is possible to obtain PVC interior paneling with mosaic designs embossed into the material. It is also available in solid colors. PVC, due to its snap-into-place nature, is very easy to install and to keep clean.

Ceramic Tile

Updated bathroom with wall mount sink, bidet, and toilet

Ceramic tiles are a popular form of paneling and each tile is made to look like it has been grouted into position. The tiles are available in a range of colors from earthy soft tones, to very bright extroverted colors. The ceramic tile is the classic bathroom look and paneling can bring a touch of class to many bathrooms.


Marble paneling is also available and usually is not embossed with any type of pattern. The sheets are available in brown, white, gray, green, blue, and pink. Marble interior paneling is normally smooth to the touch. Arguably, marble paneling works best when fitted to half the length of a bathroom wall.

Embossed Tile Board

Available in a range of colors, and also textured to add to the illusion of tiling. The board also appears to be grouted to give a better effect. There are also many pattern designs available to choose from.


Bathroom with stone walls and shower

You may want to consider kits for interior paneling. The kits can be cut to size for your bathroom and come in a range of colors. Soap holders, corner molding, and other features are available to be added to the kit.


This is not a type of interior panel that mimics a material but a design idea. This is where paneling is fitted to cover part of the wall, leaving the rest to be painted or papered. Wainscotting is a good way to create interest in the room without having to do something outlandish which may spoil the overall look.


Again another design feature that can add interest and excitement to a bathroom. Here, the frame sits in the gap between two squares, a little like a chessboard. This eye-catching design is based on the design commonly found in libraries and studies.

With any room design, it is important you have an idea of how the room is going to look when it is completed. Some of the better designs are based around an overall picture that an individual wants for their bathroom, and then through careful, select choices, the effect has been achieved with interior panels that have brought the idea to life.