Types of Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles

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There are many different types of rubber floor tiles that can be installed in an interlocking pattern. These rubber tiles vary in size, shape, pattern, and texture. Be sure to consider all of your options in order to choose the best rubber tile for your flooring installation project.

Environmentally Friendly Rubber Tiles

There are many environmentally friendly rubber tile products available on the market. Recycled rubber is used to create these tiles. They are made in varying sizes, textures, and levels of depth. These eco-friendly tiles can be installed in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Athletic Rubber Tiles

Athletic rubber tiles provide durability, efficient absorption of shock, and resistance to slips and falls. These tiles work particularly well under large pieces of athletic equipment and exercise machines. They can be found in most commercial gyms and are an excellent flooring addition to a residential exercise room.

Drainage Rubber Tiles

Most rubber tiles will lose their resistance to skids when they are wet. Drainage rubber tiles are manufactured with a specially designed honeycomb pattern. This pattern moves any water away from the surface of the tiles. These tiles are particularly efficient in garages and spaces where water and drainage are an issue.