Types of Mortar For Slate Wall Tiles

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There are many types of mortar that can be used for installing slate wall tiles. Also called thinset, the mortar that you require depends largely on the type of installation used for the slate wall tiles. It also depends on whether you are installing the wall tiles internally or externally. Listed below are a few mortar types for slate wall tiles.

Latex-Modified Mortar

This type of mortar is the most common among the mortars available and contains latex. Latex makes the mortar more sticky and elastic. You can use this type of mortar in many installations, either in external or internal locations. However, latex-modified mortar takes a longer time to dry than other mortars.

Unmodified Mortar

Unmodified mortar does not contain polymer or latex additives. It is considered the lowest quality of all mortars available and is among the cheapest. As it does not contain latex, it is less sticky and is not suitable to apply on wood surfaces. Unmodified mortar is not used very often in installations, as the installation areas move overtime when this mortar is applied. It is suitable to apply on exterior applications where you install the slate wall tiles directly onto concrete surfaces, such as chimneys.