Types of Mosaic Setting Materials

Installing mosaic tiles is an easy do-it-yourself job. The necessary materials are inexpensive and easy to obtain. There are several different types of mosaic setting materials that you can choose from. Not all are necessary but can greatly benefit your mosaic tile. Below is a list of some of the more important setting materials, their requirement and what you can expect them to specifically do for you.


Whenever you are shopping for grouts for your mosaic tile you should not allow it to overwhelm you. You will not need to get a special kind of grout for mosaic tile. Use the same type of grout that you would for regular tile. These grouts will also not need to be used any differently than if you were doing a regular tiling job.

In order to grout your mosaic tile you will start by applying it to your spreader and smearing it all over your tile. Be sure that you get in all of the crevices when you do this. Once you are certain that all of the cracks have been completely filled then you will allow your grout to dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Once you have let that time pass, you will gently wipe clean all of the extra grout from your tile with a damp sponge.


There are several different types of adhesive that you can use for your mosaic tiles. The best way to decide on the type is knowing the location of your mosaic. An outdoor project will do best with thinset. This is a concrete-based adhesive and can withstand any weather elements. Some people use this for indoor use as well as it is the sturdiest type of adhesive you will find. PVA glues are good for indoor use and are easy for clean up as it is a water-based adhesive. Humidity will affect this type of adhesive so keep it indoors and preferably out of bathrooms.

Most adhesives will need to be mixed together much like grout before use. Mixing will vary with each adhesive. Read the directions carefully as some are more difficult to mix than others. Once you have successfully mixed the adhesive you will apply it to the back of your mosaic tiles. Be sure to have a damp wash cloth or paper towel handy to wipe off any excess adhesive that spills out from behind the tiles.


Sealants are not required when you are laying your mosaic tile. They are recommended though. A good sealant will protect your grout against spills, weather and aging. These are good for both indoor and outdoor use. Grout can begin to yellow over time and can stain. Sealant will prevent yellowing and protect your grout from any stains.

To use sealant is simple. You will first need to allow your grout to completely dry. Usually waiting until the following day is best. Cut the applicator at a 45-degree angle and apply it straight along the grout.