Types of Natural Stone Tiles

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Natural stone tiles are an attractive and unique way to modify your home or yard. These tiles provide a warmer, more comfortable aesthetic than concrete or certain other types of flooring and landscaping can. Additionally, they are easy to install and most are highly durable, making them a good choice for virtually any climate and environment. The price of different natural stone tiles will vary considerably depending upon the type that you choose, so it's a good idea to have a variety of options in mind when you decide to install natural stone tiles in your yard.


Marble is a beautiful and iconic fixture for both indoor and outdoor areas. There are many different shades and variations in pattern that can be found in marble, from pure white stone to shades of beige and yellow and even translucent options. Some types of marble have veins of other minerals intertwined within the stone, providing a unique design. Marble is also smooth and provides a unique texture to any floor or wall. However, marble is on the more expensive side compared to other types of natural stone tile, and it is less durable than many.


Granite is a common fixture for countertops and bathroom sinks, though it can also be used in a variety of other ways. Granite tile can be left rough, which gives it a unique texture, or it can be smoothed down to fit in with your aesthetic. Like marble, there are many different shades and color variations of granite. While the most common is a dark grey in color, others range from paler yellows and browns to lighter shades of grey as well. It is both affordable and highly durable, making it a great practical choice for virtually any home.


Slate is both very durable and extremely varied in terms of color and pattern. This has ensured that it is a prime fixture in many home remodeling and landscaping projects. In order to make the best use of it, many contractors and designers include slate as an accent piece. The many different colors and shades give it a versatility that is unmatched by the other stone tiles on this list. Slate can be moderately priced to expensive, depending upon the type of color and pattern that you choose.


Travertine is not as iconic as the other tile types on this list, but it is still highly recognizable. Its light yellow and beige hues make it a good choice for someone who wants to include natural stone tile in his home or yard but who simultaneously doesn't want that stone to draw too much attention. Travertine is moderately durable and reasonably priced. However, given that it is a type of limestone, it tends to stain much more easily than either granite or marble will.

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