Types of Patio Steps

If you need to install patio steps to make accessing the patio area of your home easier for guests and visitors, you will have many options available to you. Depending on the height and floor level of your patio, you may be able to install a simple block steps or you may need to install a large set of true stairs. This article will provide information on the various types of commonly used patio steps and when they are used.

Simple Block or Brick Steps

If you have a standard backyard patio that is located on the first floor of your home, the top of the patio flooring is probably not much higher than the surface of the ground. Therefore, you might want to consider using simple bricks or concrete blocks as a step for your patio. These are by far the easiest types of materials to use for patio steps, and can even be installed without mortar or concrete mix. In fact, installing these types of steps can be as simple as laying the pieces of brick or concrete on the ground and making sure that they are close enough to the patio to be used as the step.

Poured Concrete Steps

If you have a raised patio or porch where you want to install steps, you might want to consider having a set of concrete steps poured. If you look in the local phone directory, you should be able to find several manufacturers of poured concrete steps in your area. This process will involve the contractor coming out and measuring the height of your raised patio or porch and then creating a form to pour a solid piece of concrete that has several steps. In most cases, the contractor will even have common sizes of poured concrete steps already available for pickup or delivery.

Wooden Stair Case

If you have a second story or upper-level, patio deck, you may want to consider installing a wooden staircase. In most cases, decks and patios that are located on the upper level floors usually have steps that are made out of pressure-treated lumber. The wood is often chosen so that it matches the railing of the patio deck and can also be painted or stained.

If you want to go green with your staircase, use all natural and organic lumber that don't contain toxic chemicals or heavy metals in the growing or treating process. All natural woods such as cedar or other woods that have been grown without the use of chemicals are better for our environment and can be painted with low VOC sealants or paints to help protect them an inclement weather.

Metal or Stone Stairs

If you're looking for the most luxurious types of steps for your upper-level patio, you may want to consider steps that are made out of wrought iron, stainless steel or even stone blocks. These types of steps are very low maintenance and last for many years. They also create a dramatic and appealing visual effect for your patio area. However, these types of installations do cost considerably more than others.