Types Of Perennial Begonias

Begonias can be found in over 1500 varieties around the world. Some of the more common varieties are discussed here.

Cane Stemmed

Unusual among begonias, the cane stemmed type grow tall and directly from the base of the plant. In appearance the stems are more like a grass than a typical flowering plant.


There is a very successful type of begonia that grows like a vine over existing trees and plants. Often used in hanging baskets or ornamental settings, this begonia produces masses of pink or white flowers.

Rex Begonias

Prized for their foliage rather than their flowers, Rex Begonias need careful tending and will only grow within narrow ranges of humidity and temperature.

Tuberous Begonias

Tuberous begonias can produce very large flowers and are to produce tubers to store food for subsequent years. The tubers are not frost proof so need to be protected in harsh winter climates.


Shrub begonias have a variety of foliage types and can grow to large sizes. They are particularly useful for providing low maintenance areas of dense foliage. Some shrub begonias flower all year round.


Semperfloren begonias are probably the most common of all types. Their all year round flowering and waxy leaves makes them a very attractive plant.