Types of Residential Rubber Flooring

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Being aware of the different types of rubber flooring available on the market can be useful, allowing you to make an informed decision for your home. Bear in mind the benefits of this type of flooring and what it can bring to your home.


Where you are selecting flooring to fit in your bathroom, you may want to consider a textured variety. This type of flooring is beneficial for wet environments to prevent accidents that arise from slipping. They are available in different colors and styles, such as dots or waves raised from or embedded into the surface, which can enhance the décor of your bathroom. Using this type of flooring in the kitchen over tile or slate can help to prevent breakages in the event of crockery or glassware being dropped.


Where you are fitting the flooring yourself, you may find the task easier with the use of tiles. These will often be backed with adhesive and of a size that makes them easy to manipulate and fit together. This method will also reduce the amount of cutting to a required size. Be aware that failing to fit these tiles properly can result in water seeping between the joins and damaging the surface of the sub-floor beneath.


Purchasing rubber flooring in the form of a single sheet is the most common way in which to obtain this type of flooring. After measuring the dimension of the floor, you can easily obtain the precise size that you require in whatever color and style that is suitable for your room. An increased level of comfort can be obtained with a brand of flooring that comprises a thick cushioning to absorb impact and reduce pressure to the joints as it is being walked on. When these are used with a design, you should be careful that you are capable of matching the design up during the installation process.


Plain rubber flooring that doesn’t comprise any texture can still be made slip-resistant by its surface being treated. This will give you the clean look of a solid sheet while not taking away the peace of mind you get from knowing that you and your family will be safe.

Special Finish

Rubber flooring can be obtained with a specific finish, which makes it a more suitable option if you are planning a wet room rather than a standard bathroom. This will also provide an effective barrier to prevent water from leaking to the surface below and is a stable enough material to not sustain damage as a result of contact with water. It is also a convenient and hygienic option for a bathroom as it is easy to clean.

Faux Effect

Though you may like the look of wooden floorboards, this is not the most convenient or suitable option when it comes to the bathroom. Solve this problem by opting for rubber flooring which has a wood floor effect. You can also obtain slate and tile effect rubber. Other designs comprise random flecks of color or patterns.