Types of Roof Vents for Metal Roofs

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The roof vents that you install on a metal roof is important to the overall health of the entire home. The roof vents that you choose will also have a major part to play in the efficiency, and the cost, of heating and cooling your home. Many homeowners today are switching to a metal roofing material instead of asphalt shingles when it comes time to make any roof repairs. When the new metal roof is installed, there is the need for new roof vents that are compatible with the metal.

Different Roof, Different Vents

Roof vents come in many different sizes, shapes, and are made out of several different materials. For each type of roofing system, there is a corresponding roof vent that will work the most efficiently for it. If you are installing a metal roof on your home, or need to change the roof vent, here are some vents that will work with the metal material.

Plastic Roof Vents

Strong ABS plastic is a great material for a roof vent. This type of plastic roof vent works well with metal roofs as they can be the same color as the metal, are easily installed through the use of metal screws, and will last just as long as the metal roof itself. They do not rust and are strong enough to withstand severe weather conditions. Plastic roof vents can be manufactured in a lot of different shapes and are relatively inexpensive.

Metal Square Vents

For many years, commercial buildings have made use of metal roofing. Because of this, they have also been using square metal vents for keeping their building's heating and cooling as efficient as possible. These square metal vents are made out of stainless steel sheet metal that can withstand many years of use without showing signs of wear. They are complete with a rain cover and are easily installed over the roofing material.

Metal Ridge Vent

A ridge cap is used to top off the metal roof. This ridge cap is different from an asphalt shingle roof as it is long continuous strips that are 8 to 10 feet long. A ridge vent is usually installed near the ridge of the roof just below the ridge cap. On a metal roof, it can be housed within the perimeter of the ridge cap. The metal ridge vent is a small sleeve that is installed at the top of the roof just under the cap. It can be the same color and is made out of the same material that the roof is.

Round Turbine Vent

Another option when it comes to roof vents that are great for a metal roof is the round turbine vent. This is a powered vent that has a round cylindrical base that is easily installed onto the metal roof. They can also be color coordinated if that is so desired. The top of the vent is a powered vent that is shaped like a turbine engine. These roof vents can be powered through the home's electricity or through the use of solar energy. If you are looking for a way to regulate temperature as well as humidity, this is the vent of choice.