Types of Steel Roof Trusses

Steel roof trusses are widely used as strong structural elements in a range of buildings. There are various kinds of steel roof trusses. Let us highlight some of these types.

Flat Trusses

Flat trusses are used in cases where the roof has to be flat.

Hip Roof Trusses

This type of roof trusses have 4 sides, and develop sloping ends.

Dual Pitched Trusses

These trusses come in a triangular form, but the apex is not exactly at the center. The two 2 chords come out of the apex, and connect to the beams below.

Scissor Trusses

Scissor trusses basically differ due to the fact that the braces cross one another, so as to support a relatively high pitched roof. They then connect to the rafters on the opposite side. The main drawback with these types of trusses, is that the shape will make insulation a bit more difficult.

Barrel Vaulted Trusses

These trusses are different in the lower part, since they form a rounded, semi-circular structure, just like a barrel.

Raised Heel Trusses

These are used when one wishes to have a good level of insulation in a building. They are ideal for energy efficiency. The roof pitch is relatively low.

Bowstring Trusses

These trusses are used in buildings which feature a very large surface area. They develop an arched shape, consisting of several beams.