Types of Tin Roofing

Longevity and weather resistance, are the 2 most valuable attributes that tin roofing has. The capacity of tin roofing to resist the elements of Mother Nature is really superior, and it can even last a lifetime. The reason behind this is that tin roofing is actually made-up of rolled steel, and is just coated with tin. Tin is a metal that does not corrode, even with constant contact with rain water, making it durable.  So, what are the types of tin roofing?

Corrugated Tin Roofing

As the name implies, this is ridged, grooved or wavy metal sheets for your roofs. It used to be that these roofs were usually used for industrial purposes or for barns. Lately, there seems to be a market for these corrugated sheets as roofing materials of residences, giving homes a different and textured looking roof.

Standing Seam Design

This type of roofing design is produced when metal panels are laid side by side in a vertical manner. Each of the metal sheets is connected at the ends where the overlapping seam or lock is formed. Fastening of the metal sheets is made possible by nails on screws, that are kept hidden from view because of the overlap of the edges of the metal sheets.