Types of Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles are made from natural stone. They come in varying degrees of color, grades, and finishes. Travertine tiles have been popular since the ancient ages and were a prominent flooring material in many of Rome's antique buildings. Today, they are being used in many houses and offices. Popular for their durability, ease of installation, and maintenance, travertine tiles come in two types, which are determined according to the manner of their cut.

Vein Cut Travertine Tiles

This type of travertine flooring can be distinguished by the linear pattern it possesses. Travertine tiles that are of this type are usually cut against the bedding planes or right along the vein of the stone, thereby revealing lines or bedding planes.

Fleuri Cut Travertine Tiles

Also called a cross cut, a fleuri cut travertine tile is created with its cut done parallel to its bedding plane. The fleuri cut results in a circular pattern instead of a linear one, as opposed to the vein cut tiles. Fleuri cuts may be durable but they are not ideal to be installed in highly trafficked areas. They can succumb to damage with constant heavy use.

Both vein cut and fleuri cut travertine tiles can be used in the construction of countertops. They are also great flooring materials for any rooms as well as showers, patios, and garden paths. Likewise, they may be used as wall coverings or wall claddings.