Types of Upholstery Trim

There are many types of upholstery trim you can use to give your furniture, cushions, curtains and living space a more regal and professional look. Consider the following 7 types of trim to add extra pop to your furnishings. 

1. Piping

Piping, also known as cording, is used to create a seam that stands out by inserting the rope piping. A strip of fabric is laid down, and the piping is inserted in the middle and stitched inside of the fabric. This is then used to at the seams of sofas, chairs, and throw pillows. Piping is not expensive, but you will have to have some basic sewing skills to insert it into the fabric. You can use a contrasting fabric for piping if desired.

2.  Fringe

Fringe is used to add an additional dash of elegance to upholstered furnishings. The fringe comes in long strands, like ribbon. Many colors are available, and a popular choice is gold, which will go with any pattern or color theme. Fringe can be used on draperies, and pillows, and also around the bottom of upholstered furniture for emphasis.

3.  Tassels

Tassels are used most often on edges for decoration. They are most often found on the corners of pillows, or on tiebacks for window treatments. They come in a variety of options, including beaded and braided.

4.  Eyelet

Eyelet can be used for trimming upholstered window treatments and furniture. You can also use it to make ruffles that you can add to pillows.

5.  Rick Rack

Rick Rack is a strand of trim that looks like a zigzag and is usually used on window treatments. It can also be sewn to pillows and along the bottom or a sofa or chair.

6.  Pom-Pom Fringe

This is a different fringe in that it has small round adornments at the fringe ends. This is used for the edges of pillows or furniture, or at the top or bottom of draperies, curtains, or valances. This trim can be used in any room because it can be seen as a less formal or a trim if using a fringe with smaller rounds on the ends. Larger pom-pom fringe is best for a formal setting.

7.  Flat Braid

Simply glue onto the furniture or draperies if you do not want to sew can use flat braid. It is a long strand that comes in different braids and of different widths, that is added to the seams of the arms of chairs and sofas, and along the bottom seam going across the bottom part of the seating. This looks nice above a ruffle if you have one at the bottom of your sofa or chair. This can also be used around the seats of dining chairs using the same method.

 All of these trims can be found at fabric stores and online. Adding trim to your upholstered furniture and other furnishings is not expensive and will add an extra dash of elegance to any room in your home.