Types Of Vines Used In A Vertical Garden

There are many types of vines used in vertical gardening that can be both attractive and functional. Vines all have different ways of growing up vertical surfaces so you will want to be sure that your choice will work with your vertical support. Here are some of the top choices for vertical garden vines.  

Annual Vertical Gardening Vines

Nasturtium, morning glory and black-eyed Susan are all colorful flowing vines that can brighten up your space. Sweet peas provide delicious peas and fragrant blossoms and the moonflower, a night-blooming flower grows very fast. Plant the Cardinal climber to attract hummingbirds to your garden.

Perennial Vertical Gardening Vines

Jasmine, wisteria and climbing hydrangea all produce some great fragrant flowers, while Boston ivy and Virginia creeper are both versatile, growing in the both the shade and sun. English ivy is a good choice if you have a shaded garden spot, while honeysuckle is a good choice to attract hummingbirds. If you live in a warm climate, bougainvillea will grow quite well.  

Decide on your vertical garden location and trellising system and then begin looking for a vine or vines that will be suitable. Remember that your trellis has to support the weight of the mature plant, so be sure to factor that into your choice as well.