Types of Wood That Cannot Go into the Wood Recycling Bin

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There are certain woods that you can put in the recycling bin and certain types that you should avoid. Most recycling companies will not take a recycling bin if there are specific types of wood in it. Here are a few types of wood that you should avoid putting in the recycling bin.

Treated Wood

You should definitely avoid putting treated wood in your recycling bin. This type of wood is treated with chemicals, and it can not be used in making new wood products. These chemicals can also seep out into the surrounding area and be detrimental to your health.

Lacquered Wood

You should also avoid putting lacquered wood in your recycling bin. Lacquer on the outside layer of the wood can affect the ability of the wood to stick to other pieces. During the recycling process, it will be ground up and put with all of the other little pieces of wood. When it will not stick, this causes a problem.

Painted Wood

Painted wood.

Painted wood is another type of wood that you cannot put in the recycling bin. The paint could have chemicals in it, and this will also affect the integrity of the adhesion.