Typical Costs for Baseboard Installation

Baseboard installation is something that's actually very easy, that's why it's something that many DIYers will try their hand at this project. Hiring a professional to install baseboard can be very expensive, but doing it yourself will make the project much cheaper and more affordable.


Actually installing baseboard is not that difficult and it's also pretty inexpensive. You will need to devote enough time, buy the right tools and also get the right equipment. You might also find these projects difficult at first, you will need to be determined in order to complete these projects successfully.


One of the most expensive costs of baseboard installation will be when it comes to buying the tools. You may already have many of these, but the ones you are missing will need to be purchased as soon as possible.

In order to install baseboard you will need to be able to cut mitered joints in the baseboard material. You cannot really use a miter block for this, instead get yourself a high quality electric miter saw, this is an expensive tool and will push the cost of your baseboard installation project up, but it's very useful. This saw can also be used for other projects.

Don't worry about buying the most expensive saw you can find, you just need a reliable saw which has a minimum of a 10 inch blade. Avoid some of the very cheap brands of saw because these won't last as long as some of the slightly more expensive brands.

You should also purchase a knife, coping saw, selection of chisels, and a rasp. These will make your baseboard installation project go much more smoothly. Unless you already have all these tools this will be quite an expense, make sure that you can justify spending this much on tools. If you intend to use them on other projects around your home then this shouldn't be that difficult.


The only cost of a baseboard installation project should be in terms of your time and money. You should not put your personal safety at risk. Make sure that when you are using a power saw or installing the boards you are careful and wear the necessary safety equipment. If you are cutting MDF baseboard then you should be using a mask to prevent yourself inhaling the particles of dust.


Once you have all of the tools required you will then need to buy all of the necessary materials. These materials are fairly inexpensive but are still worth considering. Buy the longest strips of baseboard possible as these will minimize the number of joints required.

Various inexpensive types of materials will be needed to complete the baseboard installation projects. Ensure that you have wood putty, nails and wood glue all on hand for when you need them.

Baseboard can be purchased at a wide range of different prices depending on the material and the style chosen. Choose the style of baseboard which will suit your needs.