Typical Fees when Hiring Tile Installers

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Tiles are very common types of floor covering which are especially popular in the bathroom and kitchen, hiring tile installers can be a very costly business. Fitting tiles yourself isn't actually a very complicated project and this can sometimes save you lots of money.

If you do want to hire a tire installer then you will need to consider a few important tips so that you can work out how much they are likely to charge.


The cost of hiring tile installers will vary depending on your requirements. If you want a whole wall tiled in the same color then this will often be much cheaper than if you want to create a mosaic design on one of the walls or floor. Think about exactly what you are trying to accomplish so that you will be able to get accurate quotes.

The type of tiles used will also significantly affect the cost of the project. Using ceramic tiles will typically be much cheaper than using marble tiles. Marble is a much more expensive material and the installers will typically want more to fit it too.

Shopping Around

No two tile installers will be the same and their prices will probably be different too. Look through the yellow pages or on the Internet to find some tile installers. You should be able to find out roughly how much they are charging to customers by reading reviews on the Internet.

Average Prices

The prices of tile installing can vary from between $6 to $20 per square foot for a basic bathroom tile installation. Whereas more specialty tiles including marble and granite tiles cost more.

If you already have tiles in your bathroom then these will first need to be removed. Most professional tile installers do not include removal in their budget. Unless you want them stuck over the top of your old tiles you might want to remove them yourself, or ask how much it will cost.

The prices can vary significantly which is why it's so important to get a quote before starting the work.

Doing the Project Yourself

If you're a skilled do it yourselfer then you will be able to save yourself quite a lot of money by completing the tile installation project yourself. You will only need to purchase some tools and materials. Ceramic tiles are affordable and the only other supplies you really need are adhesive and grout.

When buying ceramic tiles make sure that you buy the same batch number where possible. Also, buy too many rather than risking buying too few. This will ensure that the colors all match and that the tiles don't look strange together.

You will also need a tile cutter and glue spreader. If you are doing this project yourself make sure that any flooring tiles are secured level against the floor. If they are not fully supported then this can cause them to crack when they rock and move. Also, ensure that you are purchasing floor tiles when completing flooring projects.