Typical Life Span of a Copper Roof

large building with curved copper roof and dormer windows

A copper roof is recognized as one of the oldest forms of roofing. Copper has a very long life expectancy before it needs to be changed or repaired. A typical life span will depend on a number of factors.

The typical life span of a copper roof on a normal property should be just under 100 years. However, copper has been used to line the roofs of churches and larger buildings for centuries.


Copper has a number of properties that make it the perfect material for roofing. It is light, flexible, and durable. It is also very resistant to different natural conditions and will not break down or rust like other metals. Contractors estimate that copper used in residential housing should last for a minimum of 75 years.


Correct installation of copper roofing can add a number of years to the typical life span of a copper roof. The copper should not actually touch other materials. It also needs to be lined.

This is because the wood in some roofs can become damp and will eventually form sulphuric acids which will break down and damage the copper roof. Avoiding this can add an extra 15 to 20 years onto the life span.