Typical Material and Color Pallete for Spanish Style Homes

Decor for Spanish style homes should reflect the distinctive appearance of a warm Mediterranean home. Spanish homes are a traditional blend of Roman Catholic Europe and the exotic traditions of Islamic Africa, and these should be reflected in any design decisions that you make. Colors and themes should also reflect the typical color palette of European Spanish style homes, with the cool rooms and modest decoration that make the home ideal for living in the balmy Mediterranean. Seashells are one decorating idea that really suit a Spanish style home. For those seeking to replicate the design and decor of Spanish style homes, here are a few tips on the colors and palettes that should help you to make the best of your house.

Typical Colors for Spanish Style Homes

Traditional Spanish style homes are very warm and inviting. They reflect the rich, earthy color which is a reflection of the personalities of the Spanish peoples. Reds and terracotta oranges are some of the best colors to use in Spanish style homes. These reflect the tiles found on typical Spanish homes, and many of the internal features. You can also try blues and greens, which reflect the popular Spanish sea. Avoid colors that look too modern or abstract. Instead, stick to basic pastel shades, and reds, oranges and browns which reflect earthiness. You can also choose to use a basic color of yellow or beige for your walls. Bright white will not match a Spanish decor, and a larger color will probably not be well-sustained by the rest of the decoration. Greens and blues should be used in moderation, for detail work or as part of a cornice. Don't paint entire rooms in these colors.

Typical Materials for Spanish Style Homes

Like the colors, typical materials for Spanish style homes should reflect the airiness of the Mediterranean, combined with some of the exotic attributes of Moorish Spain. Try using tiles and pottery on floors and walls. They can make excellent additions to any kitchen. You should also use wood and ceramics in decorations such as fireplaces. Try using fauz walls with Stucco decorations in order to enhance these features. Furniture can be draped with cloths and woolens in pastel colors, particularly reds and terracottas, in order to create the look of hacienda furniture. On the floor, rather than rugs, use woven tapestries.

Other Design Features of Spanish Style Homes

Spanish style homes are known for their icons, their golden coloring and their simple ornaments. When decorating Spanish style homes, visit antique and charity stores. Look for ornaments with a rustic appearance, and posters with religious elements. The latter look particularly good hung above fireplaces, or above tables in corners. Large wooden ornaments can also add to the feel of a Spanish house, although many of them take a great deal of effort to dust properly. Spanish colonial style furniture will heighten the appearance of any Spanish style home. You can find ideal accessories for these kinds of houses in markets, and even online, if you know what you're looking for.