Ultrasonic Mouse Control Explained

The primary means of mouse control involves 3 different strategies: sanitation in the home, construction that does not allow mice in and reducing their population. By keeping a clean home, mice have little to feed on. This is the most effective thing you can do without resorting to extermination. Likewise, mouse-proof construction is also very effective in keeping mice from ever getting into your home. The last method, population reduction, comes in many varieties and involves ridding your home of mice by driving them away or trapping and/or killing them.

Population Reduction: Ultrasonic Mouse Control

Traps, poison, bait and cats are 4 methods used to get rid of mice from a home. An alternative to these is known as ultrasonic control. By using high pitched sounds that humans cannot hear, the theory is that mice will be frightened enough to stay away. The reality is, though, that they get used to the tones and are no longer put off by them. To add to their ineffectiveness, ultrasonic sound waves cannot go through objects, meaning this method for driving mice away is unidirectional and contingent upon nothing being in the way.

Before you spend a lot of money on an ultrasonic device to control the mice problem in your home, consider sanitation and construction and storage modifications first. They may solve most of the problem, and you won’t invest in a device that is largely ineffective.