Undermount a Drop-In Sink: 3 Tips

A drop-in sink is so named because it drops into a pre-cut hole in a kitchen or bathroom countertop. Drop-in sinks are made using different types of materials, but the most common are stainless steel and ceramic. They also come in models with one, two or three bowls. The usual shapes include oval, square and rectangular. This type of sink is also substantially cheaper than undermount sink designs.

Despite much disapproval from sink experts that drop-in sinks are impossible to undermount, the job is actually possible. There are a lot of people out there who love the look of their drop-in sinks, but also want to have an undermount sink design for their countertops. Usually, undermount sinks are used for this purpose; however, a drop-in sink can also be placed under the countertop to fit it like an undermount sink. There are, however, some disadvantages.

First of all, water may easily spill over the sides of the sink, especially when the sides are not properly sealed. Second, the location of the sink bottom will be relatively lower, making it uncomfortable for tall people. For people who find it a better option to undermount a drop-in sink, here are some tips.

Tip No 1 – Make Use of a Strong Sink Support

Sink supports offer stable mounting for sinks. Since drop-in sinks are designed to sit on a stable countertop and make use of the power of gravity to stay in place, undermounting it requires a strong and secure support underneath to hold it in place. For heavier sinks, such as those made of ceramic, purchase a sink support that is designed to hold heavy weight. Check out the specifications for the support and find out if it can hold the weight of the sink before deciding to purchase.

Tip No 2 – Apply Sufficient Amount of Sealant

When installing a drop-in sink under a countertop, notice that the sides on the top frame of the sink create small gaps that allow water to seep in. To avoid water leaking into the sides of the sink, make sure to seal the entire perimeter with a sealant. As a tip, make use of a silicon sealant. Silicon sealant offers water-proof sealing that is easy to apply and effective to use. Apply a sufficient amount into the sides and make certain not to leave any gaps. Allow the sealant to dry and test if water still leaks or not.

As to attaching the top frame of the sink to the undersides of the countertop, make use of strong epoxy glue before securing undermount clips. If a good amount of epoxy is used, it may also double as a sealant.

Tip No 3 – Use Undermount Clips

Undermount clips offer additional support from underneath the countertop. The clips attach the top frame of the sink to the undersides of the countertop to ensure that the sink is secured into place. When purchasing undermount clips, buy at least eight clips to hold the sink firmly.