Understanding the Doorbell System


When choosing a doorbell system you have several different types that you can choose from, depending on your personal needs.

Traditional Doorbell

These wired doorbells are the most common kind. The doorbell consists of the actual doorbell unit and a transformer. The transformer reduces normal 120-volt power to either 10 or 16 volts, depending on the doorbell. This adaptation of regular current to a lower voltage makes it possible for the doorbell to work. When you press the doorbell button, an electrical circuit closes, allowing the household current to flow through the devices electromagnet through the use of the transformer. Most homes have these. If you live in a small or medium-sized house, then this type of doorbell system is perfect.

Wireless Doorbell

This doorbell system has two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is mounted at the front door like a traditional doorbell. The receiver is the “bell” part and can be placed anywhere within range of the transmitter, usually around 100 yards. If you want to be able to hear the doorbell while in the backyard or basement of the house, this option is perfect.

Intercom Doorbell

This doorbell system is great for finding out who is at your door without having to open it. They tend to be wireless but depending on your current doorbell you may be able to convert it over to an intercom system. If your door does not allow you to see who is ringing the bell, then you may want to look into this option.

Mechanical Doorbell

This type of doorbell system is the simplest, due to the fact that it uses no electricity. Bells are attached to the inside of the door and there is a lever on the outside of the door. When the lever is turned, the bells ring inside. If you are going for an old fashion look to your curb appeal, a mechanical doorbell is ideal.

Driveway Doorbell/Alarm

This doorbell system has a sensor that is located at the entrance to your driveway with the doorbell unit inside your home. When a car passes by the sensor, the doorbell chimes inside your house, notifying you of someone’s arrival. The sensor will be one of three things: infrared sensor, motion detector, or a small rubber hose on the ground at the beginning of your driveway that is triggered when the car drives over. If you have a lot of people walking or loose pets by your driveway, the infrared and motion detectors could be triggered and the hose option may be best.