Unilock Pavers

If you are considering paving an area surrounding your home, consider using Unilock pavers. Unilock pavers are made of precast modular concrete and come in different shapes, textures and colors. The pavers can be installed on a variety of sub-bases.


Unilock pavers are primarily used in residential and architectural landscapes as an alternative to concrete and asphalt. These pavers are generally chosen over other options because Unilock pavers combine appearance and load capacity. Unilock pavers are used for sidewalks, streets, driveways, airport taxiways and industrial parking areas.


The pavers are available in many sizes and can be installed in nearly any pattern. Unilock pavers are comparable to asphalt in regard to wear-and-tear, able to withstand cold and hot temperatures and freezing and thawing without damage. In addition, Unilock pavers can be installed or removed for repair at any time of year. If pavers must be removed for utility or other repair, the pieces can be used for re-installation.


Unilock pavers require a lot of time to install. If you are installing yourself, you probably don't mind the work, but if you are paying an installer, the labor cost could be significantly more than other options. Also, Unilock pavers settle individually due to erosion and shifts in the land. Over time, a height difference between pavers could develop causing an uneven surface, especially if not installed properly.