Unique Toilet Seats for Your Bathroom

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Unique toilet seats look a bit different than the everyday toilet seats you're used to. Exchange your drab toilet seat for a unique toilet seat that brings new life to your bathroom.

Use the Seat to Change the Room

A unique toilet seat is more than about changing the color, it’s about the design. If you are going with a certain theme in your bathroom, make it all coordinate. Purchase a unique toilet seat that either blends in or stands out.

Some of the designs on the unique toilet seats make the toilet seat 3-dimensional. You can get unique toilet seats that have barbed wire set in clear acrylic, silver coins placed in a pattern with a clear acrylic frame, or a design with fish and dolphins to give your bathroom a tropical look. You can also choose from other unique toilet seats, such as deer toilet seats, Italian seats, Spongebob Squarepants, and more. The selection is endless for consumers who wish to spruce up their bathrooms by adding unique toilet seats to their décor.