Universal Design Basics

Understanding universal design basics make it possible to build homes which are ageless and suitable for everyone. Learn more about the universal design movement and how these ideas can be used to design a wonderful home.

Safety is of paramount concern at the moment and for this reason universal designs are becoming more popular. Many developers are starting to understand the importance of creating ADA compliant designs. Universal design is being used for many homes and office buildings, small changes are made to make the designs suitable for all ages and abilities.

Universal Design Movement

The universal design movement is creating and changing designs which are suitable for people who struggle with mobility. These designs are ideal because they don't look out of place and are also suitable for people getting on in life who may not need these extra safety features just yet.

All of these devices are being used to help us retain our independence for much longer. The reason the universal design movement is becoming so popular is because we are an aging population. Baby boomers are quickly becoming old and something needs to be done to care for them.

Independent Living

Many older people like the idea of being more independent, they live by themselves for much longer. People never like to think that they will get old, however it's important to plan and design your home so that it will always offer you the right amount of protection. If universal design is used then this should be possible to grow old without having to move out of your current house.

Senior citizens don't want to be a burden on their children and many actually enjoy living by themselves. The universal design movement basics could help them to achieve this.

Modern Pensioners

In the past an old age pensioner didn't do a lot. They were either bedridden or just stayed at home for most of the day. However modern pensioners are much more active. They crave products and housing designs which will keep them safe while allowing them the freedoms of being able to do anything they want.

Modern pensioners want to keep their independence, but for that to happen important design changes and products around your home are required.

The Bathroom

The bathroom may not instantly seem lie it, but it's actually one of the most dangerous rooms in your house. There is a dangerous combination of water and slippery surfaces. While you are young you may not think about the dangers in this room, however as you get older the dangers will become only too apparent.

There are many different fixtures and features which can be installed in the bathroom to make it much safer for everyone concerned. These fixtures will make the bathroom a safe place for senior citizens.

New items and products are being created all of the time. These products are making every room in our homes much safer and more comfortable at the same time. Alarms can also be fitted just in case you ever fall over and cannot get up again, some of these alarms are mobile and can be carried around wherever you go.