Up and Over Garage Door Installation Tips

The up and over garage door mechanism is probably the cheapest and most commonly used garage door, but still offers the customer a significant scale of reliability. The up and over mechanism is normally manufactured from a single sheet of metal, but nowadays they can be found in aluminum, PVC and even fiberglass. Its surroundings are then toughened with an internal fin construction.

There are two different types of up and over type garage doors: the cheaper canopy style and the more expensive retractable version of the up and over mechanism. The main significant difference is that the retractable version doesn’t project outwards when opened (before resting over), and that is what makes it more expensive. Other than that, they operate on the same up and over principle.   

Installation Tips

This type of mechanism uses a small amount of railings, thus it makes it very easy to install. Many of its components are small in nature and if they break or wear out they are easily and cheaply replaced. It is better to install the retractable version because it is much easier to make it motorized. The only thing to remember when installing an up and over garage door is to use heavy duty screws to attach the railings because the railings have to support the weight of the garage door.

Choose which Type Suits You Best

When choosing between canopy or retractable doors there are a list of thing you should consider. As mentioned before, a canopy door is much too primitive in its mechanism to cheaply convert it into an automatic garage door, so it is better to spend a little more at the beginning than overspend at a later stage.

Consider the Weight Issue

Another thing to keep in mind is the supported weight. Normally, the canopy garage door isn’t projected to support large amounts of weight. That is, you cannot install a double door if you are using a simple canopy type mechanism for your garage. So if you are opting for a heavy or double door, its better to install a retractable up and over garage door. That is why the latter mechanism is more expensive than the canopy mechanism.

Direction the Door Opens

One point you should consider is that you cannot accidentally bang your head on a retractable garage door because when opened, the door is forced inward, whilst in a canopy mechanism the door is forced outwards. The only drawback present in a retractable garage door is that the lifting arms are located into the sub-frame, hence when the garage door is opened the drive through width is slightly less than that of the opening frame.

When opting for an up and over garage door, choose the model which is more suitable for you by making use of the above mentioned installation tips and considerations.