Update Your Kitchen with a Corian Bullnose Countertop

A bullnose countertop can change the entire look and feel of your kitchen. If you already have counters that you love, but want to change the look, creating a bullnose edge can also be done. A bullnose edge is a more rounded and sleek edge. A softer edge is also safer for households with young kids running around.

Benefits of Corian

Corian is a durable material that was developed by DuPont. It's known for it's versatility, easy maintenance, and simple sanitation. Since Corian is more compact than granite it's easier to disinfect. This makes it a popular choice for busy kitchens. It's also simple to repair, and doesn't need to be sealed, making it popular for those who want a beautiful look without the upkeep. Corian can be found in hundreds of colors to match any kitchen.

Color Matching

Corian was heavily used in the 80s, and many people associate this material with out of style kitchens. However, Corian is still a very popular choice, and can be created to match any kind of decor. Corian is created in slabs, and the dye lots can differ between each slab. Because of this, if you are choosing to use Corian in your kitchen, you should purchase all the material you will need at one time. While you can match the color down the road if you need to, it will be difficult and the variations may be great enough for people to notice.


Corian is also available in more than just a solid color. You can find textures and grains that mimic granite, marble, sand, slate, and several others. This is a great way to get those marble counters you've been eying without spending a fortune and needing to worry about the upkeep. You can visit the DuPont website, or any number of kitchen and bathroom showrooms to see samples of the entire line.


Another benefit of Corian is that you can install sinks made of this material. The sinks are just as durable, and will allow you to have a more fluid look in the kitchen. The Corian sinks are not generally available in the numerous colors that the counters can be found in, but you can still find a pretty large assortment of colors.

Adding a Bullnose

If you already have Corian countertops that you love, you can create a bullnose edge fairly easily. The edge of the counter can be sanded to create the rounded edge. Since Corian won't crack, it can withstand the pressure from sanding. If you are simply wanting to add a new design to the edge, you will need to take your time so you get an even edge.

There are many companies that specialize in these upgrades, and hiring a professional can give you more peace of mind with this job. A professional can ensure the counters are even all around, and can have a job like this done in just a day. The cost to add a bullnose to an existing Corian countertop is relatively inexpensive.