Upgrade Sliding Doors to French Doors

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Upgrading sliding doors to French doors can increase the value of a home while enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the house. However, upgrading to French doors has its pros and cons. Careful consideration of all available options is a must before beginning the project.


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French door installation is best performed by a licensed contractor who has experience with installing this type of door. Although the do it yourself homeowner may balk at the idea of hiring a contractor, door installation is more difficult and involved than one may think. The additional cost of outsourcing the job will need to be added to the project's bottom line, which may increase it significantly. However, having the knowledge and resource of a professional will make the job go smoother and result in fewer installation delays.

Pros of French Doors

French doors automatically add a degree of class and sophistication to a home. They are beautiful doors that come in a variety of styles to complement any home decor. This makes them a sound choice for adding retail value to a home.

Unlike their sliding door counterparts, there is no chance of French doors getting caught on dirty runners or jumping off tracks. They swing open, as opposed to sliding, and create a welcoming feel to space. For their beauty, ease of operation, and ability to increase home value, French doors cannot be beaten.

Cons of Upgrading to French Doors

While French doors may be beautiful, they also take up a lot of space. Unlike sliding doors that are contained on a track, French doors swing open on the inside which detracts from the available room space. For very large rooms this may not be a concern, but when space is at a premium this can be a problem. Measure the entire angle of the door's swing when considering whether French doors will be a practical choice in the room.

Installation of French doors is also very tricky. Normal door installation can be challenging, but a French door installation is just plain difficult. Making sure that the doors are the exact size of the space available can involve hiring a professional door company to come to measure the space and ordering a custom door from the manufacturer. Professional installation is also a must for French doors. This obviously adds significant cost to the project.

Window coverings must also be considered when adding French doors. As the doors are usually made primarily of glass, most homeowners will want to add curtains or custom-made blinds to them. The cost of such additional items must be included in the decision-making process, as custom-made window treatments can be very expensive.

Upgrading sliding doors to French doors is a serious undertaking. It is a home improvement project that can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars to have the doors professionally installed. Other options are available when thinking about replacing old sliding doors with more energy-efficient models.

Homeowners may be wise to consider newer sliding doors, or sliding French doors as an alternative to traditional French doors. Sliding French doors have the cosmetic look and profile of a French door, but they slide like regular sliding doors. However, if traditional French doors are the only doors that will do, prepare for a large job that will add beauty to the home, but that will cost a great deal of money.

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